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Farm To Table

Experience the farm-to-table difference with Lapp's Greenhouse. Explore our wide selection of organic dairy, free-range eggs, fresh produce, irresistible fried pies, artisanal bread, and aromatic herbs. Discover the essence of sustainability and support local agriculture by bringing these farm-fresh delights straight to your table. Shop now for high-quality, locally sourced products that embody the true spirit of farm-to-table goodness.


Sunrise Dairy has been our go to source for the fresh milk and butter we have in store. We offer pasteurized milk from this family farm which includes whole, 2%, chocolate, strawberry, and moo coffee. Coming in gallons, half gallons, and pints, they fit all families. We also carry their homemade butter in 2 sizes. 



We love to support local farmers so what a better way than by bringing in fresh eggs from our community. We have a couple different sources for our eggs to ensure they are always available. We also love empty egg cartons to return to our sources to reuse. You are always welcome to drop them off. 


Healthy is a lifestyle. We offer various produce coming from Florida's fields to the back of our greenhouse. Fruits and vegetables line our store through the summer and fall. We only sell you the best which means our selection fluctuates. 


Fried Pies

Fried pies are one of the greenhouse staples. Bob's Bakery out of Pulaski hand delivers our pies each week. With many different fruit and cream filling options, there is a fried pie for the whole family. 


Our very own Mrs. Verna bakes homemade bread for the community to enjoy! Freshly made, she brings out her bread every Wednesday through Saturday. She makes around two dozen loaves and it is first come first serve so be sure to grab yours fast!



Lapp's Greenhouse offers a diverse selection of fresh herbs, perfect for both garden beginners and expert chefs alike. Our herbs are cultivated with care, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. Whether you're just starting your garden or looking to enhance your culinary creations, our herb offerings have something for everyone.

Canned Goods

Jams and Jellies and more...oh my! Located in the store, we have many different canned items. The list includes but is not limited to honey, sugar-free jam and jelly, regular jam and jelly, pickled okra and beets, a variety of relishes, and sauerkraut. 

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